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These Nature Sticker designs have been created from the hands & imagination of Ross M Perkins.
I often find inspiration for my nature stickers through experiences that occur during our adventures around Montana and beyond.

Bison Nature Sticker

Bison Nature Sticker

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This Bison Nature Sticker was designed by myself through the method of hand drawing and with the use of digital technology. 
Growing up in North Dakota– with Theodore Roosevelt National Park– and now living in Montana– with the National Bison Range and Yellowstone National Park– I have spent a decent amount of time around the mighty Bison / Buffalo. From the brink of extinction to steadily increasing in numbers, their persistence is as inspiring as their presence. Here's to the majestic prairie roamer.

• Includes one (1) sticker
• Sticker is roughly 3.89" x 2.7"
• UV laminated, thick vinyl sticker material
• Durable– weatherproof, waterproof, scratch resistant
• Apply to any clean, smooth surface and enjoy for years to come 

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