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10 Stop Ice ND1000 Filter Review – Long Exposures Mid Day


10 Stop Ice ND1000 Filter Review ( ND = Neutral Density ) :Ice ND1000 Optical Filter

My buddy Hunter (hunterday.photo) has been producing some amazing photography lately, and it has been motivating me to push myself a little further than I have been. His long exposure night shots and long exposure day shots have been something that resonates in my mind. This is what pushed me to snag the ICE ND1000 Filter since I am shooting around water all the time.Ice ND1000 Optical Filter Information on CaseNow, he shoots with some very high-quality and somewhat spendy Lee ND Filters. However, I am always up for saving money and testing out lesser known brands. That is how I stumbled across these ICE filters. They popped up on Amazon for a killer price of $29.97 – plus, they are Prime eligible. I ordered it yesterday and it was on my camera this evening. Their packaging is not flashy, and there isn't a ton of information on ICE Filters out there– but I can assure you that they are worth the price.cameras with ICE ND1000 Filter in Missoula MontanaI strayed only a couple of miles from my house and hit up four different locations, three being water based. My initial thought of the 77mm ICE ND1000 filter was a positive one. It is constructed of glass, rather than a resin like some cheaper ND filters. I took these shots using a Canon EOS-M camera and a Canon EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 lens, secured to a tripod for long exposures.Bridge at sunset in Missoula Montana This was the first shot that I snagged with the filter. With the water running, it produced a nice glass-like effect and blurs the water enough to put focus on the rest of the surroundings. The sky actually looked like that tonight. With forest fires dominating the Pacific Northwest, the sky is choked by smoke and the sun burns more orange than normal.rocks and river at sunset during forest fire in Missoula MontanaWhile the ICE ND1000 filter is a 10 stop filter, I also screwed my 77mm Rocketfish Polarizer over it to assist in eliminating any glare that was happening on the water. This added another stop or so to the overall count. Like I said, the smoke makes for some phenomenal sunsets.Bridge and river in Missoula MontanaI decided to stop at the park near my house to see how the ND filter fared in a more shaded area. Disappointed I was not. With no direct sunlight and having the polarizer filter also equipped, it allowed my camera to cut right through the water and down to the rocks.sunset over out to dinner in Caras Park in Missoula MontanaND filters can also be useful if you want to capture the ambience of events; it allows you to show the motion of the surroundings without too many distractions. Shooting at a long shutter will track motion and display it as a ghostly effect.If you are considering a ND filter or are looking to explore with your photography a little more– I highly recommend the ICE ND1000 filter for not only the price, but for the clarity of the optics.Follow us on Facebook for regular photo updates & Instagram to tag along on our adventures!