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Wanderlust Not Less

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Up the Creek – A Documentary of Our Mountain Adventures


Up The Creek – Wanderlust Northwest from Ross M. Perkins on Vimeo.A few weekends ago took us up the world renowned Rock Creek, about 26 miles from Missoula, Montana.With a group of good friends, a surplus of nature– as well as some adult beverages– we were easily reminded of why we have chosen to live where we live.Prepare your eyes for wilderness, fly-fishing, shenanigans, whiskey, a surplus of dogs & a ping pong cat!If you are looking to experience world class fishing and stunning surroundings– all while staying in a beautiful, rustic lodge tucked back into the mountains, look no further than the Orvis endorsed Blue Damsel Lodge.The people behind the lodge are some of the most enjoyable people that I have ever had the pleasure of spending time with.You won't want to leave when your trip is over; not just because of the scenery, but because the Blue Damsel feels like home.Music Rights:Matthew and the Atlas – I Will RemainMighty Oaks – Just One Day