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Wanderlust Not Less

Courage To Explore.

What Is Wanderlust? It Is More Than Just A Word.


courage to explore wanderlust northwest – man sitting on a kayak in Montana looking at mountainsHow can a word possess so much power, inspiration and motivation? A word that makes you want to embrace its meaning to the fullest of your potential. It acts as a bar to reach and a horizon to explore.If a word can shape someone's life, then what exactly is the meaning of wanderlust?glacier national park hiking trail montanaWanderlust is following the mysterious trail. Eagerly seeking the unknown, anticipating what is to be found at the end (if there even is one).mcdonald lake outside of ronan montana hiker looking at mountainsWanderlust is looking out towards the distant peak– planning your route to reach the top.canoe floating on holland lake montanaWanderlust is paddling across a lake just to see your surroundings from a different angle.tipi living rock creek blue damsel lodge living quarters montanaWanderlust is experiencing a home in the wilderness, just to make getting lost more accessible.mercedes roadtripWanderlust is life on the road..lookout pass snowboarding..with destinations that are worth reaching.people sitting with mountains in the distance holland lake montanaWanderlust is knowing when to plop down your bottom and take in your surroundings..man sitting on mount sentinel above M missoula montana..and embracing your home in-between adventures.kayak in glacier national parkWanderlust is getting off of solid ground..sailboat on flathead lake montana..in any way, shape or form.no service phone in mountains of montanaWanderlust is occasionally disconnecting yourself from society.cross country skiing lolo pass montana idahoWanderlust is making the best of the seasons.coffee cup missoula montanaWanderlust is the first cup of coffee to kickstart your adventure..moon rising on flathead lake montana..and the moon rising at the end– only to begin the next.motorcycle rock creek montana clintonWanderlust is just going....kayaks at camping spot on flathead lakeWe find the definition of wanderlust in our surroundings.For every person that you ask, the reasoning may be different.It pulls us out of our bubbles– in return it teaches us how to appreciate every little thing in life. It embodies us and we begin to incorporate the very simplicities of life into our daily routines. It even helps us break our routines just out of curiosity of what will happen.girl laying on rock in river montanaIt helps us to connect with like-minded people that just want to escape from everything for a little bit. They understand that all you really need to be content are some good friends and occasionally the lone adventure to refresh.It may seem like we summarized wanderlust, but really it has infinite meaning.With every new experience in life, comes another form of inspiration– you never know what will strike a chord.Wanderlust is just existing.. without being dormant. You choose your own route.sun rays poking through clouds lighting up mountains glacier national park montanaThat is why, at Wanderlust Northwest, we aim for the horizon as our destination– for we know that it can never be reached. With an infinite destination, comes infinite possibilities and adventures.Stay curious, our friends.