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2004 Honda CRV Offroad

The Birth of a Mountain Rig – 2004 Honda CR-V

When living out of my car for two weeks, after I converted my Subaru wagon into a camper, I realized that having ...
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tucker family farms cheese and draught works beer

A Night of Craft Beer & Artisan Cheese – Draught Works Brewery & Tucker Family Farm

On a snowy, slightly bitter, Wednesday evening in the ever-so delightful mountain town of Missoula, MT – two local businesses joined ...
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mountain reflection on cooper's lake montana

Secluded Thoughts at Cooper’s Lake Montana

The best part of having a vehicle that is always packed for adventure and capable of handling less-than-smooth terrain is that ...
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What I Learned from Living in My Car for Two Weeks

A crazy notion was planted in my head mid-spring; a two-week-long camping trip that would take me through the mountains of ...
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waking up in a subaru impreza outback sport

How to make a Subaru Camper – Building a Bed in Your Subaru

After many years of spending my weekends at racetracks, whether doing media or racing, I began to long for the main ...
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Lost Family’s Sonyok Mountain Invasion

Last weekend I had the honor of exploring with some pretty rad people. People that seem to mesh together and push ...
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man riding tail of snowboard

You and the Mountain Ride Together

You’re standing on a mountain peak, every which way you look the ground is a pure white. The cliff at your ...
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Woman grabbing rocks in mountain river

Shooting Film Keeps Me Humble – It’s Not About Perfection

Canon AE-1 Program Since first getting into photography roughly 7 years ago, I have stuck mainly to digital. It was only ...
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Philipsburg Brewery Barley Wine

Montana Brewers Association – 7th Annual Missoula Brewfest

The Montana Brewers Association has been uniting Montana breweries from the East to the West, the North and the South. Being ...
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man and woman sitting in Goldbug Hot Spring overlooking mountains

Goldbug Hot Springs – Idaho’s Elevated Oasis

Goldbug Hot Springs – Idaho’s Elevated Oasis This weekend some friends kidnapped me and drug me into nature– or I was just invited ...
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waterfall coming out side of mountain in Glacier National Park

It’s A Slow, Slow World – Glacier National Park Edition

It’s A Slow, Slow World is a new series by Wanderlust Northwest. Lately, the way I have been looking to capture ...
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man sitting on rock on Mount Sentinel in Missoula Montana

An Evening Spent Mountainside – Mount Sentinel in Missoula Montana

An Evening Spent on Mount Sentinel in Missoula Montana An evening spent on the side of Mount Sentinel, in our homebase of ...
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Montana Black Bear eating apple in tree

Bears in Montana – Missoula Black Bear Edition

Bears in Montana – Missoula Black Bear Edition Bears in Montana have a certain essence to them– something that can captivate ...
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but I could never go vegan it's okay to let food surprise you feature

But I Could Never Go Vegan Review – Sunflower Sausage & Biscuits

There was a time and a place that the thought of going vegan was absolutely absurd when thinking about myself. One ...
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Review ICE ND1000 Filter Long Exposures Mid Day

10 Stop Ice ND1000 Filter Review – Long Exposures Mid Day

10 Stop Ice ND1000 Filter Review ( ND = Neutral Density ) : My buddy Hunter (hunterday.photo) has been producing some ...
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beers at The Dram Shop in Missoula Montana

The Dram Shop is Missoula’s First Stand Alone Growler Fill Station

It seems somewhat difficult to truly standout among the masses when opening a new storefront these days– especially an alcoholic establishment ...
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Exploring the Backside of Missoula’s Mount Jumbo

Missoula is filled with hiking opportunities without even having to leave the city limits. This particular Mount Jumbo hiking trail is ...
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up the creek fly fishing up rock creek montana

Up the Creek – A Documentary of Our Mountain Adventures

Up The Creek – Wanderlust Northwest from Ross M. Perkins on Vimeo. A few weekends ago took us up the world renowned ...
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moose in lobby at The Lodge at Whitefish Lake

The Lodge at Whitefish Lake is an Ode to Rustic Lodges

Every now and then, it is enjoyable to go above your expectations and splurge a little. That is precisely how I ...
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Jerry johnson Hot Springs Idaho

Jerry Johnson Hot Springs – Nature’s Hot Tubs

One of the best ways to spend winter months (with friends) growing up was soaking in a hot tub on someone’s ...
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wild garden hummus kayaking

Wild Garden Hummus – Simple Satisfaction

Wanderlust Northwest was formed with the notion in mind that it will keep us eager and exploring. From mountain tops to ...
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Black Coffee Roasting Cafe Missoula Montana

Black Coffee Roasting Co.

At the corner of Spruce and Madison, nestled below the sought after Rattlesnake neighborhood in Missoula, MT,  lies an earthy coffee ...
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boat on flathead lake montana at sunset with mountains

What Is Wanderlust? It Is More Than Just A Word.

How can a word possess so much power, inspiration and motivation? A word that makes you want to embrace its meaning ...
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mountain in glacier national park montana

Prepping ∞ Wanderlust Northwest ∞ Missoula, MT

We are currently in the process of lining everything up, and chasing away all of the gremlins. We have photos to ...
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