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Lost Family’s Sonyok Mountain Invasion

Lost Family’s Sonyok Mountain Invasion

Last weekend I had the honor of exploring with some pretty rad people. People that seem to mesh together and push each other on a personal level, as much as a creative level. They formed a unit that defined the word camaraderie– while still fully welcoming newcomers, such as myself. The crew is known as the Lost Family (Instagram / Facebook – definitely follow those, they’re inspiring).

With a mantra of :
“We’re a community driven collective of adventurers looking to squash routine and enjoy as much of this world as possible.”
They succeed tenfold. They are stoked to have likeminded adventurers explore with them; if you have a camera– even better.

The base of Lost Family also operate a parkour gym in Missoula, MT– known as Unparalleled Movement.
I was invited to tag along for their #MTsunriseseries – which essentially requires you to wake up a little after 4am to make sure that you can snag some liquid caffeine and hit the road to arrive at a breathtaking location just in time for the sun to break the mountain ridges.
This series, and their adventures in general, unite wanderlusting folk from around the PNW and beyond– not secluded to Montana alone.

The following photos are a collection that I captured on this particular adventure. While I don’t typically shoot portraits, this group pushed me out of my comfort zone and graciously posed for me (some unknowingly) while I captured some new favorite shots.

So, before I completely turn into a 14-year-old girl and keep gushing..
Here’s to the Lost Family and learning the valuable life lesson of the difference between Pans and Cans.

Lost Family • Sonyok Mountain • #MTsunriseseries

Feel free to save & share these photos, I’d just immensely appreciate you crediting :
Instagram : @wanderlustnorthwest and/or @rossmperkins
Facebook : Wanderlust Northwest and / or Ross M. Perkins
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You and the Mountain Ride Together

You and the Mountain Ride Together

foggy mountaintop
You’re standing on a mountain peak, every which way you look the ground is a pure white. The cliff at your feet is almost indistinguishable from the color-absented ground to your left, right and below.

snowboard sitting on snowy mountain
You’re planning your line to take, scouring for that opening that will allow you to maintain momentum while breaking into the trees. Your eyes somewhat squinting, as if that’ll truly make a difference– struggling to be able to make out the ground from the fog-ridden sky, with white-plated trees playing one of the most well executed games of hide and seek that you have seen in quite some time. There really is nothing to do but drop in. You choose a general spot and commit.

man snowboarding through trees
Tip down and elevation dropping fast, the multiple feet of powder causes you to float over the top, shooting a tail of flakes behind you. Every now and then, the elevation change increases unexpectedly. You lean back to reclaim your composure, but with an interstate of soft snow below you, it sucks in your board slightly.

man riding tail of snowboard
You find yourself leaning backwards at a 45º angle (it’s acute)– essentially doing a wheelie down the mountain towards the tree line. At that very moment, floating through the ground– you have an undeniable realization of the complete happiness that has engulfed you, accompanied by a sense of freedom that is rarely matched.

snow covered trees
You break the tree line and slow slightly. Some trees inches from each other, some feet apart– you look ahead to plan your line so you don’t take a trunk to the face. You only have but a mere moment to plan your attack– to the point where you don’t fully realize your thoughts. Your eyes are the captain and your legs are the rudder. They are tied together for instantaneous movement. Once you situate yourself deeply in the trees, and the burn in your calves begin to intensify, you come to a halt. The silence overtakes your senses.

man sitting on cliff with snowboard
There is literally nothing making any noise other than yourself. The magnitude of your current setting makes you feel so content being small. They say there is always someone out there that is bigger, faster, stronger– but when my rival takes the sheer form of wilderness, I am content residing in a respectable second place. For when you compete with nature, as long as you respect her, the camaraderie formed will be unrivaled by anything else– and that competition turns more into an undying partnership. The realization of this partnership sticks with you as you continue traversing down the mountain. It is a partnership where nothing is forced, expected or taken. On that day– you and the mountain ride together.

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