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Up The Creek – Wanderlust Northwest from Ross M. Perkins on Vimeo.

A few weekends ago took us up the world renowned Rock Creek, about 26 miles from Missoula, Montana.
With a group of good friends, a surplus of nature– as well as some adult beverages– we were easily reminded of why we have chosen to live where we live.
Prepare your eyes for wilderness, fly-fishing, shenanigans, whiskey, a surplus of dogs & a ping pong cat!

If you are looking to experience world class fishing and stunning surroundings– all while staying in a beautiful, rustic lodge tucked back into the mountains, look no further than the Orvis endorsed Blue Damsel Lodge.
The people behind the lodge are some of the most enjoyable people that I have ever had the pleasure of spending time with.
You won’t want to leave when your trip is over; not just because of the scenery, but because the Blue Damsel feels like home.

Music Rights:
Matthew and the Atlas – I Will Remain
Mighty Oaks – Just One Day

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Ross M Perkins

Creative Wanderlusting Mechanic at Wanderlust Northwest
Thinker of stuff, Doer of things. There isn't much that makes me more happy than finding myself in new surroundings with camera in hand. Roadtrips are standard life procedures and the maps in my home are there to inspire me to travel even further. When it comes down to it, I just really like nature..