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bridge pizza with wild garden hummus packets

Wanderlust Northwest was formed with the notion in mind that it will keep us eager and exploring. From mountain tops to venues– we mustn’t stop.
One thing that we have learned from our adventures, they can kick our butt. We intend to do some multi-day backpacking trips this summer, and without being in the proper shape we can be a hazard to ourselves.
We realize that prepping our bodies through exercise will be a necessity, but eating right will make all of the difference as well. Plus, we would rather have a healthy meal diet than try to completely cut out craft brews.

I have indulged in a lot of hummus in my day. At one point I was incorporating it into almost every meal, or making it my entire meal. I have been through the brands and the flavors, but Wild Garden Hummus seems to always win over my tastebuds.
The fact that all 8 of their flavors contain 7 or less ingredients is a huge plus. Someone with a grade-school education could read off everything in this mix.

Besides them being all natural, and gluten free, their packaging is made for the outdoor adventurers. Without using preservatives, they have managed to create a shelf-stable product. Jars can be tossed in with your gear, no ice required. For ease of use, and without fear of smashed jars if you happen to tumble off of the trail, they serve up single serving packets as well. Tear the top and squeeze it onto your food of choice (pita chips are my favorite). Easy clean up.

Wild garden hummus and carrots kayaking holland lake montana

Wild Garden Hummus is low on calories, but big on flavor and consistency. Pairing them with crackers on a hike is a great way to keep your stomach full, as well as having the added energy from the carbs to burn as fuel.
By now you have seen that glorious pizza with globs of hummus on it. I’m not sitting here being a hypocrite– eating greasy pizza talking about health food. The hummus is actually paired with a gluten free, vegan pizza. It is possible to eat ridiculously healthy without having to sacrifice your favorite meals.
I used to utilize ranch or bleu cheese dressing, but hummus has taken over nicely as one of my favorite pizza toppings– same goes with sandwiches. The packets allow you to make your sandwiches ahead of time, then add the hummus as dressing when you are ready to feast- no soggy bread required.

It is little changes like this that can really go far as to changing up your health– as well as making eating while exploring more enjoyable. With Wild Garden’s different flavors, you can really utilize them for your baking and cooking needs– especially in place of salad dressing. It may take awhile to adjust, but at the end of the day– or the next adventure– you will be glad that you did.

Missoula Montana Sunset mountains

For the day to day rush, they have taken it upon themselves to make your snacking even easier. No more excuses.
They offer snack packs that come equipped with single serving hummus packets and a bag of either veggie or quinoa chips, or multi-seed crackers (all gluten free).
In celebration of delicious treats while exploring, as well as to a healthy 2015, Wanderlust Northwest and Wild Garden Hummus would like to extend an offer to you.

Get your FREE  Snack Pack To Go

–use the passcode: wanderlust

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Wild Garden Hummus Snack packs

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